Breakfast Burritos

I’m pretty sure most of us have had breakfast burritos. They are a great go to as you are rushing out the door in the morning to head to work. You can put all your food in one central place and devour your breakfast.

I had some cabbage still left in my fridge and so I thought, “hmm, cabbage substituted for the tortilla?”. I went with it. The result is a very tasty and very cheap breakfast burrito. **It doesn’t even taste like a lettuce wrap. And I would know because I hate lettuce wraps**

What you will need:

  • Top two layers of half a cabbage (which came out to 60 grams of cabbage). NOTE: be careful when taking layers off. Try not to break them. These are your tortillas after all.
  • 30 grams of Kraft shredded cheese
  • 40 grams of my favorite salsa from my local Mexican supermarket.
  • 2 organic eggs (Don’t worry, non organic work as well)

How to make:

Step 1: Take the two eggs and put them in a pan right as you turn the pan on. Don’t wait for pan to get warm and throw them in there. It won’t work. Well, it will, but that’s besides the point.

Step 2: Add a pinch of salt and pepper to them. Take a spoon and agitate them. As pan heats up, gently run spoon across bottom of pan until eggs become less liquid-y and more like scrambled eggs. I find this solution to work best.

Step 3: Carefully spoon in eggs in to cabbage tortillas. Add the cheese and salsa and fold as you would a burrito. It may not work out the fist time, but keep trying. Like Wayne Gretzky, “You miss hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.” It is the same thing for burritos. Soon you will be a zen master. Patience. SIDE NOTE: if you do this fast enough the steam from the eggs should melt the cheese and soften the cabbage slightly.

Step 4: Munch on it as you head out the door, or sit down and eat it. Really you can do both, I have tried.

Cost breakdown (for those interested):

  • The cabbage I bought was 0.69 cents a pound. Since I used 60 grams, which translate to about 0.13 pounds, so around 0.9 cents 
  • A 160z (453 gram) brick of Kraft cheddar cheese was 4.78. I used 30 grams. Total cost for this dish 0.33 cents. 
  • The Salsa costs $2.19 (for 500 grams) at the store.  I used 40 grams. Total cost for dish would be 0.17 cents.
  • A dozen organic eggs cost $4.00. I used 2 eggs. Total cost for dish would be 0.66 cents. 
  • All of this leads to a grand total of….$1.25

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